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My services offer assistance, guidance and healing for people and animals – both horses and companion animals ( and the occasional cow, sheep or anything else that I am asked to talk to!).


I am registered and insured to carry out the various modalities listed and I am insured for the horsemanship and riding tuition.

If you would like any information or advice on the best way to proceed then please feel free to contact me via any of the contact details given, I will be happy to have a chat or answer any queries.


For People:- Healing and therapies as shown. Incorporated into this are life coaching and what is now known as mindfulness skills, all aimed at assisting you to find awareness, calmness and positivity and to relieve stress and it’s impact on people’s wellbeing. Riding Tuition and Connected Horsemanship Lessons.


For Animals :- Healing and therapies as shown, Communication and Animal Listening. This will usually involve some connection with the animal’s person as there is naturally an emotional attachment between the two and often the issues of one are linked to the other in some way. I also firmly believe that our animals are in our lives to assist and guide us and approaching any interaction we have with them with this is mind can reap huge rewards.

Please read on and contact me if you feel I can be of assistance. Gill Leach.