• Gill Leach

Heeding the call...

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

When the horses speak we owe it to them to listen. They have given so much to us over the centuries and many, many of them have laid down their lives for us, worked to the extremes of their abilities, been our companions, our champions and so much more. All this to maintain a closeness to the human race in preparation for the role of ultimate teacher, to many of us, that they are now beginning to take. We have so much to come to understand from them and the perspective of looking at them as our equals - if not more - is one that we need to embrace. Perhaps just a willingness to see things from another point of view is all that is needed at the outset.

It is such a crucial time now. The global and energetic changes that have been gradually taking place over a prolonged period have suddenly escalated so they cannot be ignored by any of us. The imbalances that have gone hand in hand with the ways of society, the corporate, economically driven, materialistic way of life that has had governments enthralled worldwide and brought more and more distance between humans and their natural way of being, has a limited future. There is a great need for all of us to open up to possibilities of how we can find a different way forward, re-open ourselves to awareness and skills that have long since disappeared from the comprehension and abilities of the vast majority of us.

The horses carry this wisdom with them and are patiently awaiting our attention so that they can guide and support us to our new way of being. Are we ready to step onto that path of discovery with them? Are we ready to embrace the possibilities that lie waiting for us, to search for that sense of peace and belonging that is at the core of our very being? I truly hope that one by one we can turn our heads from the straight and narrow road, from our deep rooted belief systems and become aware of the many alternative routes that lay ahead of us and that with a sense of faith and curiosity a few steps can be taken along one or many of these, so we can view the vista of limitless opportunities on the horizon and set a course to enlightenment on so many levels.

Do we wish to continue to move away from the truth of life, to create further 'dis ease' in society and our physical bodies as we struggle to exist in a state of conflict with our own authenticity and out of balance with all that life is intended to be?

It can be so difficult to accept change, in fact the very mention of it casts fear into the hearts of many, but that is based on the assumption that there will be a negative outcome, what if it is leading us to more freedom and a greater sense of peace? Letting go of the mental control and allowing life to evolve through intuition and understanding, trusting outcomes rather than needing to control every fine detail of everyday life, can make that freedom available to us all.

Allowing ourselves those precious moments to connect with nature, the animals, and to those of us drawn to them, the horses, is a very powerful way to begin this journey.

The next time you feel your horse is trying to tell you something, please take the time to listen, there will be a message to take note of that may just have a significant and profound effect on your life. They may use a variety of methods to get your attention, some of which could be judged as 'bad behaviour' to some people, always question what this could be about and stay open to the possible answers. They truly have a sensitivity and infinite wisdom to share that can open doors to an enlightened existence.

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