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With both animal and human therapies, unless there is a specific request for one modality, I will combine various aspects of different healing forms to suit each person or animal and as I am guided to work with them.


When working with animals a combination of healing and communication is mutually beneficial. The healing creates relaxation which allows the channels of communication to become more fluent and as these channels allow issues to come forward, the healing is there in place to clear what ever has presented itself. If, however, you just wish your animal to receive Reiki for example, that is absolutely fine and I will just come and channel the healing for them.

Often I enhance a healing session with the use of crystals whose different vibrations can assist with specific areas of concern. They may also be used to clear the aura or for other specific functions. I will always explain at the time what the purpose is and you are, of course, free to ask questions.

Animal Communication

Receiving information from our animals is something we are all capable of and, in fact, do on many different levels. From just getting a feeling something may be not quite right to dogs bringing their bowls to you when they would like feeding (just an odd example). We learn to assess how they are by registering their normal behaviour patterns, movement, appetite etc. it is then more obvious when there is a change in one or some of these factors. All these things are guiding us to care for them the best we can.

It is however, possible to take this further and to ‘read’ their energy, listen to their thoughts and connect on different levels to gain valuable insights into how they are feeling, what may be bothering them, any old events in their lives that may have left an emotional scar or a variety of other issues that they may need to communicate to us. Often they wish to let us know about something within ourselves that is concerning them or that they feel we need to address in order to improve life for both of us.

The communication takes place by tuning in to the same wavelength as the animal, rather like tuning into a radio station, by making a heart to heart connection and by asking simple questions and then looking or feeling for an answer. Sometimes it takes a while, or even more than one visit to really make a connection or to build enough trust in the animal for them to talk, at other times it can be instant if the animal has been waiting for the opportunity to pass on information. It just depends on whether they have withdrawn or put up huge barriers to protect themselves after past events. It is always a wonderful moment when they can let go and you can really feel their inner soul.

The benefits can be massive. It brings people and their animals closer, explains certain behaviours, improves understanding in general and often releasing on this emotional level, there are improvements within the physical body. Communication can also highlight problem areas such as uncomfortable tack, feed not agreeing with them or things they feel are lacking, it can also reveal the humour of the animal in question, something people may have suspected but not really felt possible.

I would usually visit you and your animals but if distance is a factor I can do readings from photographs. This also enables me to ‘talk’ to those who have passed over and pass on any messages they may have for their people.


Reiki Healing

Probably the most familiar form of healing, this modality originated in Japan and is a non-invasive hands on healing which uses universal energies to rebalance the body and restore a free flow of life energy to the recipient. When this is achieved the body and mind are stimulated to achieve an improved state of health.

It has many benefits and is especially calming with its gentle vibration gradually filtering through the body. People often experience relief from stress, tension, anxiety and pain. The practitioner of Reiki works through the main energy centres (chakras) of the body and spends as long as they are guided to, channelling to each of these centres systematically around the body. Some people choose to have regular Reiki sessions to help maintain a flow through mind, body and spirit, others seek it when they are feeling particularly challenged and need some relief from specific symptoms.

Which ever way you choose, it is a beautiful experience capable of giving a wonderful feeling of calm and wellbeing.


In animal work it is usual to scan the body to check for any blockages, hot spots, cold areas or areas that are felt to have a higher vibration than others. This way we are aware which parts of the body may be experiencing issues and can focus on them as we move around the animal.

It is also very helpful in creating relaxation in stressed animals or those displaying difficult behaviours. It isn’t always necessary to have ‘hands on’ but the energy can be sent from a distance, either near or afar, and the benefits can still be the same. This is particularly helpful if the animals are too sensitive to cope with touch or are in a very distressed state and not safe to approach.  Reiki is also very useful when combined with communication, the relaxation generated can create a trust between the practitioner and the animal which greatly assists in allowing the flow of communication to begin.

As with communication, long distance work can also be undertaken where it is not suitable to travel for a personal visit.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Perhaps better known as ‘The Tapping Therapy’, EFT is a combination of ancient Chinese medicine and modern day western therapies. Based on the meridian system of the body, it is rather like acupuncture without the needles, you tap on points of the head and body to achieve the release through the energy system instead of sticking in needles. At the same time as you tap, you repeat phrases relating to the presenting issues and this combined attention to held negative emotions has the ability to clear the blockages held in the body and bring relief from a multitude of problems. It is said that EFT can be used for almost anything and it certainly has had amazing results with a broad range of challenges from fear to anger to pain, giving up smoking, phobias……. The list goes on and on.

It can work almost immediately for some things or you may need to be persistent to be free from more deep rooted issues. You will be guided through the protocol and supported in the sessions to reduce the intensity of the issue until it reaches zero or ‘no problem’. You may also be given ‘homework’ to continue the process or to work on any underlying blockages that arise along the way, or just to reinforce what has taken place during the session. This would be very important when dealing with giving up smoking for example, when there would be more than one session to see the process through to completion.

I also work at an intuitive level with this and am able to guide the client through their issues by picking up on subconscious problems that are supporting the blockages. This has proved to be a very effective way of getting to the root of a problem that may not be apparent by just questioning the client.

When working with animals with EFT it is possible to tap on their bodies, although some may not be very cooperative and generally it is found easier to use surrogate tapping. This is done by making a connection with the animal, by overlapping your energy field with theirs and tuning into their wave length while doing the actual tapping on yourself. This may seem rather bizarre to onlookers to start off with but once the animal’s response is witnessed and the changes in behaviour are experienced, people soon come to appreciate the huge benefits to this therapy.

We can use EFT to help with similar things in animals as with humans, fears, pain, clearing old negative memories, undesirable behaviours etc. etc. in fact almost every issue that presents itself.

Again this can be done at a distance or even with a photograph by using communication skills to reveal the presenting issues and then to tap while still connected with the animal.


Anima Healing

This is a powerful yet calming form of energy healing which can soothe and relieve mental and physical pain, anxiety, stress and a myriad of deep rooted problems.

The fundamental source of Anima healing is using female energy from mother earth which is spiralled up through the practitioner to the recipient, at the same time this process is supported by a variety of different breathing methods. This serves to heal at soul level with the result of rebalancing the body, mind and spirit and people have experienced clearings of blockages, tensions and pain at the same time, which can restore harmony to the auric and physical fields. It has the potential to heal the physical at cellular level which opens up wonderful possibilities. 

Emotional stress release ( ESR) is a technique used to promote relief for the trauma of past events and memories, clients have experienced freedom from the emotional blockages associated with these. Gentle pressure on points on the head are used while the client revisits the cause of the emotions. Healing is given at the same time and the practitioner may reframe the memory for the client to give a positive experience in place of the negative one.

Colours are used to restore areas of weakness within the system, each colour relates to a particular aspect of the physical systems or auras of either person or animal. By introducing which ever colours appear to be lacking, again the natural balance can be restored, leaving you much better equipped to deal with the challenges of modern living.


As with other healing methods, this modality can be used on animals as it can on humans with very little adaptation needed. It is necessary to make the connection with the animal to determine what the presenting issues are – also a body scan to find hot spots or areas of blocked or over active energies.

The non- invasive hands on healing can be very powerful and it is often necessary to be gentle with the breathing as it can be too much for the sensitivities of animals. I have to be very careful to feel my way through this and to respond from intuition as to what level of energies are manageable by individual animals. The colour therapy is very beneficial and adds another dimension to this modality from others.

Because of the use of earth energies, this healing generally leaves the recipient feeling grounded and ‘complete’ whether human or animal.

Distant healing is also available using this modality and can be very supportive for individual people, animals or groups of either in many challenging situations.


Crystal Healing

I just love crystals and have always been attracted to them. They just seem to me to bring another dimension to life and I find the more I work with them, the more I feel their potential to assist on all levels and in all situations

There are so many different crystals it is impossible to ‘know’ them all but there are many references to their origins and uses available, not always giving the same information but generally with a common theme for each type.

The best way of having them in your life is to just go with whatever attracts you at the time and this usually is what is needed.

I tend to use crystals to enhance other healing or communication work but it is possible to have a purely crystal healing session when you would be surrounded by them or have them placed on the main chakras of the body and allowed to absorb their energies, a truly uplifting experience.

They may be carried or worn on your person to support you on a day to day basis or keep some around the house to cleanse the energies there. Put some in your animal’s water bowls to give them an energy boost or to assist with healing.

There are also dowsing crystals used to identify areas of concern or to indicate changes in energy through the body and then are able to be used to focus healing energy on those areas to clear whatever blockages are there.

The different vibrations of the varying types of crystal are matched to the individual, either by my choosing or by you having the choice of what you are attracted to.

This works for people and animals alike. Horses in particular are attracted to them and often show me which ones they need, either by physically touching them or by communicating with me. Animals hold a great wisdom of what they need to help them and if we can recognise this it can assist in all sorts of situations.

I can also work with distance healing with crystal grids for people and animals to support them in times of need or distress.

Access Consciousness Bars

The Access Bars offers the opportunity to receive healing and kindness without judgment of body or self.

There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive.

It is like deleting files from your computer. All of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you stuck, that keep you repeating the same patterns in your life over and over again, clients can feel freedom from these. Many people have used Access Bars to alter many aspects of their life and body. These include sleep, weight, health, money, relationships, stress and anxiety and much more.

At worst you will feel relaxed and as though you have just had a wonderful massage but the potential is for your whole life to change with total ease into something far greater than you had imagined.


This therapy involves lying comfortably on a couch and enjoying the experience of the bars being run for you, it will take between an hour and 90 minutes. This, as most modalities are, is an ongoing process, the more you experience it, the more benefit you will receive. 😊

Holistic Therapies